"Usability, simplicity and efficiency are the mail features

of our solutions, always in line with current needs

but with a look to the future"


Opentech is a company leader in Information Technology services, specialized in solutions for Governance,  Risk and Compliance. Our services facilitate business processes for compliance with internal policies and market regulatory standards, acting as a link between the different business functions and harmonizing with "the modus operandi".

The usability, simplicity, efficiency and accuracy are the main features of our solutions, always focused on the current needs  taking care of the future trends.





GO GRC Suite

GO GRC Suite is a unique system of Management and Integrated Control linked to processes.

It uses common platform, with a single organizational model, on which is developed a set of independent solutions, integrated among them.

The "GO model" is based on methodologies and standards consistent with each other, such as OCEG, COSO Framework and Cobit5.

Modules are:



OrganizationGovernance, Audit, 


Compliance, Supervisory Commettee, Risk,  


Governance, Claims, Safety


Confidi, Purchases, Anti-Bribery


Business Continuity, Data Protection



  • Opentech Solution

    Opentech solution is dividedin two different business line: GOGRC - Suite Governance, Riskand Compliance; G@Pand Maintenance-RealEstate


    GO GRC platform consists of several modules, which use the Basic Services. The platform is certified by Microsoft and its modules can support the specific metho

  • GO Organization

    GO Organization Solutionprovides useful tools to support the organization, cross all business processes, and enables unified management, on a historical basis

  • GO Corporate Governance

    GO Corporate Governance solution, as history and unified mode manages the different activities for Corporate Governance and the Business objectives in differe

  • GO Audit

    GO Audit Solution allows, inaccordance withProfessional Standard,the management of review process in all of phases, starting by planning the Audit Report

  • GO Compliance

    The GO Compliance Solution enables the management, historical and unified, under all aspects related to compliance, both the rules and regulations of law to the

  • GO ODV

    The GO ODV solution of GO GRC platform supports the work done by the Supervisory Board (SB), in accordance with Decree. 231 / 2001.La Solution supports the prod

  • GO Purchases

    GO Purchasing Solution supports the entire process of "shopping", since the formalization of the needs, through the formalization of the order to the supplier,

  • G@P Integrated management of Real Estate Assets

    Solution G @ P® is a modular ERP system can support and automate the complex needs arising fromintegrated management of real estate properties. G @ P® is a

  • Maintence

    The solution supports all typesof companies needs and manage the entire maintenance process of corporate assets, whether real estate, industrial plants, fleet


    GO Risk solution allows management, historical and unified process of Risk Management. GO Risks complies with international standards (COSO and COBIT) and the g

  • GO IT Governace

    GO IT Governancesolution allowto manage the processes of governance and control for Information Technology, for any type of company. Releted for banks, it m

  • GO Safety

    Historical and unified health and safety of workers management. The solution is composed by: GO® Platform - Base Platform forregulatory compliance and risk

  • GO Complaint

    GO Complaints Solution of GO GRC platform supports the lifecycle of the Complaint management, the monitoring and reporting. The solution allows to manage GO Com